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July 5, 2022

Do What Drivers Can’t

Traveling by Commuter Rail let’s you do what drivers can’t because you can focus on “me” time all while skipping traffic and avoiding parking hassles.

We asked riders what some their favorite things to do while on board and here’s what some had to say:

“Look out the windows and take my mind off of everything!”

“Take in the view!”

“Stretch my legs and walk around.”

“Catch up on work”


“Read or scroll through my phone.”

“Just happy to not get stuck in traffic!”

So next time you need to catch up with friends, discuss last night’s cliffhanger, or scroll for a new recipe, take the train to your next destination instead of driving and catch up one some “me” time.

Be sure to tag @MBTA_CR and use #massbytrain to let us know about your trip!


  • Kids 11 and under ride free
  • Ride unlimited all weekend with a $10 weekends ticket
  • Download mTicket for mobile tickets or buy on board from a conductor if you aren’t near a ticket office or vending machine

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