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November 17, 2021

Let’s Rethink Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is around the corner which is typically the biggest travel day of the year in the region. Plus, Boston traffic is back to pre-pandemic numbers, so we encourage you to swap all or part of your drive home for the holidays for a Commuter Rail ride if you can. 

If your end destination isn’t that close to your Thanksgiving plans, see if you can get picked up at a station to avoid traffic on all or even just part of your drive out of Boston.

On Thanksgiving Day, Commuter Rail will run on a Regular Weekend Schedule. Visit MBTA.com/holidays for more information.

Remember, masks are still required on all MBTA property even if you’re fully vaccinated. Visit MBTA.com/RideSafer to learn about our covid response. 

A few tips to ensure that your Thanksgiving travel experience is stress-free:   

  1. MBTA Trip Planner

Enter your origin and destination in the MBTA trip planner at MBTA.com/cr 

This will create trip itineraries with the station and line information as well as give you an estimated fare. For full timetables and fare information, visit MBTA.com/cr 

If you don’t have a station close to your final destination look at our system map to find the furthest station (from all the city traffic) that is on your way and use that as your destination.  

2. Getting tickets 

To take Commuter Rail, you do not need to book your ticket in advance in order to secure your seat. Please be mindful of the space you’re using and give priority seating to those who need it.  

We do suggest you buy your tickets prior to boarding. Here are all the ways you can buy Commuter Rail tickets: 

  • The mTicket app for mobile tickets
  • MBTA Fare Vending Machines 
  • Ticket windows at North, South, or Back Bay stations 
  • On board from a conductor with cash or credit card 

For more information on fares visit, MBTA.com/crfares

3. Arrive 5-10 minutes early 

Arrive at the platform 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and make sure you know if you’re traveling inbound or outbound. 

4. Storage 

If you’re bringing bags or luggage, use the dedicated storage onboard and keep large personal items on the floor and out of the way or on overhead racks.

5. Helpful Apps & Websites 

6. Enjoy the ride! 

Commuter Rail services over 400 cities and towns, so some trips may be longer than others. To help pass the time, do what drivers can’t. Watch TV, read a book, catch up on “me” time. If you’re listening to something on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. please be courteous of others and use headphones. 

6. Listen for your stop 

Stay alert throughout your trip and look and listen for your stop. Always wait for the conductor to open and close all doors. 

Not sure if you can take the train? 

Check out our station map and use the MBTA trip planner to help plan your route. 

Call or Tweet and we’ll help you with your itinerary:  
617-222-3200 or @MBTA_CR 

Before you travel, be sure to check:

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