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December 17, 2021

Thrift gifts for a greener holiday

Go even greener when you travel to your favorite thrift store via Commuter Rail!

Every year, there is always a reason to thrift a gift. But this year more than ever, the thrill of thrifting for gifting is greater – its green and it’s in stock! But you can be even greener when you thrift while taking the train.  

We put together a map of thrift, antique, and consignment stores within a short walk or rideshare from Commuter Rail Stations here

Anyone else we should add to the map? Let us know – comment on our thrifting post, DM us, or tag us in a tweet!

Store front for a New Leaf thrift store in Concord, MA featuring vintage dressers, night stands, chairs, shelves and lamps.
A New Leaf in Concord, MA (just a 1-minute walk from the West Concord Commuter Rail Station!)


  • Kids 11 and under ride free
  • Ride unlimited all weekend with a $10 weekends ticket
  • Download mTicket for mobile tickets or buy on board from a conductor if you aren’t near a ticket office or vending machine

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