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Transit That Serves You

During the Covid-19 pandemic, like you, we had to adapt. Here are 5 ways Commuter Rail has adjusted to meet the changing needs of our riders.

1. Adjusted schedules to accommodate an all-day service model with easy-to-remember train times

You’re not 9-5 anymore, and neither are we. As of our new schedule effective April 5, we adjusted service on all lines to allow for trains to run earlier, later, and more consistently all day every day compared to our 2019 service.

Rather than having a peak 9-5 commuter approach to the schedule, we now offer more mid-day and night-time trains Monday through Friday as well as an earlier start to service on weekends. All train times are consistently spaced out throughout the day, so the schedules are also more predictable and easier to remember.

2. Prioritized Gateway city and transit-critical community access

With our schedule adjustments this past summer, our lines increased the frequency of train times. But we also added even more service to communities that more heavily rely on transportation as well as Gateway cities’ stations across the region.

3. Developed a new ticketing option for less-frequent riders

Given the changes to commute patterns and rider needs with remote/office hybrid schedules, we launched the 5-day flex pass.

  • Get five 1-day passes for a 10% discount compared to round-trip travel
  • 1-day passes valid for 24 hours of unlimited travel
  • Use passes anytime within 30-days after purchase
  • Available only in the mTicket app

4. Enhanced cleaning, sanitation, and COVID-19 mitigation measures

Since COVID-19 began, we clean all coaches every 24 hours with many as often as every 12. In addition we invested in new equipment to enhance sanitization and allow us to more efficiently protect against COVID-19.

In addition to cleaning and sanitizing, air is ventilated regularly and masks are also federally required in station and onboard. 

To learn more about our response to COVID-19, visit MBTA.com/ridesafer

5. Implimented efforts to encourage distancing

A few operational changes have been implemented in order to allow for passengers to more easily distance while riding our trains.

  • All coaches are open for people to move around if they feel uncomfortable sitting near other riders as they go about their trip.
  • Signage displayed onboard and in stations to remind people to keep space between one another.
  • New schedules with increased service throughout the day gives riders more travel options in order to spread ridership out throughout the day.

Whether it’s your first time back on board, you’ve been with us the whole time, or you’re a brand-new rider, we want you to know that wherever you’re headed, Commuter Rail is the way to go.