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Your $10 weekend need-to-knows

Recently, we surveyed our ridership about their experience with $10 weekends. Overall, it is clear you all love $10 weekends, but we wanted to clear up a few things we learned from your responses.  

  1. $10 weekends are permanent  

That’s right, they aren’t going anywhere! 

After our pilot launch in 2018, we proposed making the $10 weekend fare permanent to the FMCB board, and it was approved! $10 weekends became a permanent ticket option in July of 2019.  

  1. Tickets are available on board 

$10 weekend tickets are available for purchase at ticket offices, on board from conductors and through the mTicket app. Unfortunately, they are not currently available from vending machines. Many of you purchased from vending machines due to a time crunch – next time, buy on board! You can purchase tickets from conductors on board with cash or credit, and you can also buy on your way to a station or on board through the mTicket app with a loaded credit card.  

  1. There’s more than just $10 weekends – Kids ride free  

Did you know that kids 11 and under ride free on commuter ANY DAY OF THE WEEK?! If you and the whole family are heading out for weekend fun, adults and teens can use the $10 weekend ticket while kids can ride for free. That’s a whole lot of savings for admission to your favorite museum, snacks at the game, the perfect dessert and more.  

  1. If you aren’t sure where to go, we have ideas! 

Many of you are ready to explore and want some suggestions. We have you covered. You can find suggested journeys as well as maps full of locations to explore and visit within a quick walk or rideshare of Commuter Rail.  

  1. Unlimited really means unlimited (for the weekend you activate/ride with your ticket) 

With one $10 weekend ticket, you can ride anywhere you would like across the whole system however many times you would like for that entire weekend. Beginning with your first trip on Saturday or Sunday, you can ride as many times as you want until midnight that Sunday. 

So, where ya headed next?

Before you travel, be sure to check:

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