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The MBTA and Commuter Rail operator Keolis prioritize sustainability and environmental efforts in their operations as well as running a transit system that helps get people out of their cars and supports good land use in Greater Boston.

You make an impact on the environment with every trip you ride instead of drive.

Swap your drive for the commuter rail

Reduce Emissions

The average car emits just under 1 pound of CO2/mile (.89 pounds, 404 grams). Based on our ridership, the average Commuter Rail trip is 16.5 miles. That means that a similar trip by car emits 14.7 pounds of C02. If the average driver swaps just 2 of their round trips/week for the train, they can save around 2,886 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

Emissions data and information sourced from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency

Reduce congestion

With Boston traffic back to near pre-COVID levels, it is important to find ways to reduce congestion for trips that can be made via transit. Each trip taken is a car off the road, don’t forget – you aren’t in traffic, you are traffic.

Learn more about our response to COVID-19.

Reduce fuel dependency

A small action like swapping a drive for a Commuter Rail ride not only reduces your fuel cost and consumption personally, you help reduce our dependency as a country and world.

Want to know more about Climate Change and Sustainability initiatives at the MBTA?

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