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Brewery Tour

Sip Local Mass. Brews

$10 Unlimited Ride Series

Check out the example itineraries below or explore our interactive Breweries Map to see some of the brewery tours you can complete riding Commuter Rail with your unlimited $10 Weekend Ticket.

Providence/Stoughton Line

Stop #1Attleboro Station — Skyroc Brewery

Arrive at South Station and catch a Providence train to Attleboro Station, then take an easy seven-minute stroll to Skyroc Brewery.

A local hidden gem, Skyroc Brewery offers a wide variety of delicious beers (we might be biased, but we recommend trying the Commuter Rail Pale Ale or Express Train Coffee Stout) as well as plenty of space to spread out and enjoy them. Bring in your own snacks, try a flight or enjoy a game of Jenga, and when you’ve had your fill, check train schedules and head back to Attleboro Station to catch your next train.

Stop #2Providence Station — Union Station Brewery / Trinity Brewhouse / Long Live Beerworks

Once back at Attleboro Station, catch a Providence train around and ride all the way down to Providence Station, where you can reach a trio of beer havens by foot.

First, head to Union Station Brewery, just a seven-minute walk from Providence Station, and if the weather permits, enjoy a beer on the patio. If you’re feeling hungry, this lively pub offers a full menu of signature food items and limited edition offerings.

Next, take a five-minute walk from Union Station Brewery to reach Trinity Brewhouse. Established in 1995, this relaxed, wood-accented pub-style space features beers brewed with water filtered from the Scituate Reservoir. If you’re still hungry, indulge in Trinity’s lunch, dinner, or late-night menus.

Finally, if you’re feeling up to it, take a 27-minute walk or 8-minute rideshare to our third Providence stop, Long Live Beerworks. Focused on hop-forward craft beers, Long Live Beerworks is home to a constantly rotating lineup of beers, regular new releases, views of the brewery from the tasting room, and the ability to grab a 32-ounce growler of your favorite beer to take home with you (just make sure it stays closed on the journey!).

When you’ve had your fill of all Providence has to offer, check train schedules and head back to Providence Station to take the train home.  the inbound 1818 South Station train that comes by around 10 p.m.

Before traveling, be sure to check brewery hours, train schedules, and service alerts ahead of time.

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